Monday, January 9, 2012

Orange You Glad I Had A Banana?

Today was just an odd day.  Not a good one for eating.  After dealing with an emergency first thing in the morning, I realized I had not had breakfast at 11am.  I quickly made up a batch of oatmeal for something satisfying and filling.  By 2pm (still dealing with the emergent issue) I realized I never had lunch so I grabbed up a clementine and a banana to keep me going. At 4pm, I was REALLY craving sweets; probably because my body was lacking nutrients!  I snacked on maple roasted pecans to tide me over until our dinner out. 
Dinner out was not planned but a necessary distraction from the events of the day.  Believe it or not, I was actually stressed about possibly breaking my "10 Days of Real Food Pledge"!  When I got to the restaurant, I realized I might actually be able to make this work!  I partook of Spinach and Artichoke hearts on rye crackers for an appetizer.  I also had a salad with a DROP of mustard vinaigrette followed by grilled shrimp and a small grilled filet with absolutely NO sauce! 
I ordered UNsweet iced tea with lemon, but when the waitress brought my glass and I put it to my lips, I realized VERY quickly it was sweetened!  I actually spit it out and had her remedy "the problem".  I'm sure I acted crazy but it's MY health and body, not hers! HAHAHA! 

On a "lighter" note (excuse the pun...oh to heck with it! ACCEPT the pun!), my tight pants aren't NEARLY as tight (right out of the dryer!) and after eating, I am NOT miserably stuffed as I would be BEFORE the 10 day pledge!  I think I'm on the right track!

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