Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a Girl Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

It's sad, no, it's down right pathetic when Mom gets sick everything goes to BLEEP.  WHY am I the only capable person in this house???

After suffering through some female related issues all last week (including a trip to the E.R.) I came to the very distinct revelation that I am the only thing keeping this family from being bums.  If I don't dress them, they wander around aimlessly wondering where those shapes of cloth are kept.  Likewise, if I don't feed them, they starve...or eat crap from a cardboard box in a greasy bag.  SIGH.

I suppose it's my fault.  I should have rolled off the couch, clawed my way to the kitchen, hoisted my doubled-over self in front of the oven and fried my tears so those poor souls would get a decent meal.  I even suggested my hubby follow a recipe, but he clucked and flapped his flightless wings in protest.

It has been a slow process getting back to MY normal, and once again, I'm behind on recipes and postings.  Monday I made a wonderful turkey chili (we had the leftovers yesterday).  I will post that tomorrow. Today, feeling much better, I made whole wheat french bread and whole wheat banana muffins.  We used one loaf for some yummy BLTs tonight!  I'm still working out the kinks to these recipes as I'm adapting them from my favorites to fit the "Real Food" mantra.  Once I perfect them, I will share so you may enjoy as well! 

On a side note, I did have fun making yummy valentines for all our "heroes" (teachers, bus drivers, co-workers, friends)!  I am a baker after all

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